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10 Must-Have Items To Include In A DIY Dog First Aid Kit

Posted by Luke Green

When you’re out and about on adventures with your dog, it’s important to be prepared in the event that they injure themselves. It’s quick and easy to make a simple DIY dog first aid kit that you can take with you on your adventures, however it will give you peace of mind that you can help your four legged friend out should they run into trouble. These are the main things that you should include:

Waterproof Pouch

First things first, you need something to keep all your first aid essentials together in one place. The Red Original waterproof pouch is just the right size to include all the first aid essentials you need for your dog, and it attaches comfortably to your person using the double velcro strap system. A YKK watertight zipper also ensures that the pouch is completely waterproof, so you can be sure the contents will be kept dry, whatever weather you're heading out in.

Surgical Sticky Tape

This is important for attaching bandages, gauze and other dressings. It allows you to fix up dressings quickly, without any hassle when you’re out and about.

Bandages Or Gauze

Another essential item to include in your DIY dog first aid kit is cotton wool. This is useful for cleaning up wounds before applying dressings. 

Cotton Wool

Another essential item to include in your DIY dog first aid kit is cotton wool. This is useful for cleaning up wounds before applying dressings.

Blunt Ended Scissors

You should also carry scissors so that you can cut bandages and gauze to size, should you need to.


Tweezers are useful for removing splinters, broken glass etc. that your dog might roll on or step on. 

Antiseptic Wipes

If your dog cuts themself, it’s important that the wound doesn’t get infected. That’s why it’s important to clean wounds and cuts before you dress them.


Even if you don’t usually walk your dog on a lead, it’s always a good idea to carry a spare lead in your DIY dog first aid kit. This means that if you need to give your dog medical attention, you can keep them secure on the lead without worrying about them running off.

Microfibre Dog Towel

It’s also important to carry a clean towel with you to help clean dirt away from wounds and keep your dog warm. Our lightweight microfibre dog towel packs down compactly making it easy to carry alongside a first aid kit, however, it opens out to the size of a large beach towel. It is antibacterial, supersoft and anti-odour, making it perfectly suited to a DIY dog first aid kit.

Dog Buoyancy Aid

If you’re taking your dog out on the water with you, you should carry a dog buoyancy aid with you alongside your DIY dog first aid kit. If your dog gets into trouble, a dog buoyancy aid will help to keep them safe even if they start to panic, making them an invaluable water safety accessory for dogs.   

Red Original dog buoyancy aids & are available in 5 different sizes to suit all breeds and are made from durable Cordura waterproof fabric.