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5 Epic Features Of Red’s New Waterproof Backpack

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Continuous innovation is one of the things we value most here at Red. With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce the latest and upgraded version of our popular and award-winning waterproof backpack: the new Red Adventure Waterproof Backpack

With this new innovation, we’ve taken everything that made the original bag the unsung hero of our waterproof bag range and added some seriously sleek extras. From the appearance and colours to the pockets and functionality, every aspect of our new waterproof backpack has been carefully considered. The result is a backpack that can survive whatever kind of adventure you want to throw at it. Here’s what to expect.

Exceptional Comfort

When it came to designing our first waterproof backpack, comfort was high on the priority list. We worked tirelessly to craft a bag that was genuinely a dream to carry around all day, so there was no way we were letting comfort slip with this adventurous upgrade. The cushioned straps are now more robust and comfortable than before, with a new breathable back panel that helps better regulate your temperature when wearing the backpack even for long periods in challenging conditions. Whether travelling some distance into the office or heading off on an all-day adventure in the great outdoors, you can trust that Red’s new waterproof backpack will be your buddy rather than a burden and sit effortlessly on your back for optimum comfort. 


Having to use different bags for different things can be a real pain, so if you can find one bag that does it all, you’re onto a winner. When it comes to this essential adaptability, the new waterproof backpack certainly delivers. The 30l interior offers ample room to pack everything you need for both your everyday activities with an added removable laptop organiser perfect for safely shipping your important device to the office during the week. Simply take this section out for added room for all your adventure essentials at the weekend and pop your extra kit, walking or ski poles on the external cargo system. It’s no wonder why we like to describe the adventure backpack as a bit of a Swiss Army Knife - it can do everything.

Quality Recycled Fabric

As a Certified B Corp, we’re always looking for ways to make our production processes and designs as sustainable as possible. We saw creating our new waterproof backpack as the perfect excuse to really push ourselves in terms of what was possible on a sustainability front and are delighted with the results. The adventure waterproof backpack is crafted from reinforced recycled 420D Armour Tech nylon, while the hardwearing TPU outer coating adds an added layer of toughness without compromise. Production is non-toxic and the coating is biodegradable and recyclable, proving that there’s no need to let quality slip to let the planet have a much-needed break. 

Durable Design

The durability of our new backpack deserves to be shouted about just as much as the sustainability. Whatever you throw at this bag, it will do its very best to handle it. Total waterproofing is a given, as well as complete defence against tears, punctures, scuffs and abrasions. The fabric is also incredibly easy to care for which helps you to preserve its life for the years to come. The new waterproof backpack can be simply wiped clean and is oil and mould-resistant as standard, giving you an adventure companion for many years to come. 

Safe and secure

Any lover of the outdoors will know just how important safety is. As well as keeping your belongings safe, you will also want your equipment to keep you safe. Worry not, this bag can do exactly that. We’ve upgraded the design to feature light-reflecting details to boost visibility in the dark and the built-in emergency whistle adds an extra layer of protection should you find yourself caught in an unexpected situation. Where your valuables are concerned, you can stash them away in the handy interior pocket which is also waterproof to offer defence from all of the elements. 

For more information about the new Adventure Waterproof Backpack, please get in touch with the Red team.