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Best inflatable stand up paddle board reviews

Posted by Maxine Smiles -Cooke

Last September, we launched our new Compact 9’6” - the world’s most transportable inflatable SUP! This full-sized paddle board folds down to half the size of a conventional inflatable SUP meaning it has never been easier to travel the world in search of those hidden waterways.

From outdoor urbanites heading out on weekend escapes to wanderlust paddlers wanting ultimate convenience and transportability, without compromising on performance - it has never been easier to fold, unroll and go on a SUP adventure.

Since its launch, we have received some exciting feedback from our SUP community and shared some of their best inflatable stand up paddle board reviews. And we couldn’t wait to hear your thoughts and opinions on our latest innovation…

The Red Paddle Co Compact 9'6"- Tried and Tested

Watch the guys from SUP Boarder head off for a hike & SUP adventure, followed up with their full review back in the studio…

“The most ground-breaking inflatable SUP we’ll see in 2019! It's not only compact, it's light and paddles well too.” - Ruben Ellis, SUP Boarder
"The Compact Bag is a backpack that you can truly travel with, you can now conceivably take your SUP with you wherever you want. The whole package is so much more transportable, the opportunities to SUP are endless, it opens up loads of travelling potential – it's a really exciting concept!" - Will, SUP Boarder

Watch the team at SUP North test drive the Compact 9’6” on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal…

“We were blown away by how well this board paddles, as well as the lightweight and tiny package!” Alan Taylor

SUP Inflatables have their say on the Compact 9'6". Read the full feature and click the image below...

“Every now and then there is a big leap forward in inflatable SUP technology, and this is one of those leaps - If you are looking for the ultimate SUP for travel, this is it."

SUP International - Read the Full Compact 9'6" Review

"The Compact is likely the most polished, well thought-out inflatable package we've tested yet. It really does take up about half the space of a regular iSUP when stowed; in scenarios like yachts, family cars packaged for holidays, airplanes and keeping your kit at work, this is the difference between having a board and going paddling, and not. Performance wise it's a real treat; a light, nimble, go-anywhere do-anything paddling platform."