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Ditch the Restaurant - The Valentine's Day Picnic

Posted by Alex Clasper

Create a Valentines experience like no other

With Valentines day fast approaching we want to help you create a valentine's experience like no other. Get away from the noise of busy, crowded restaurants and the head outdoors, enjoy the views on offer and find that secluded spot where you can enjoy being together. So pack that Prosecco, cover those strawberries in chocolate, grab your partner and go make some memories!

To help you ditch the restaurant this Valentines day we are offering 20% OFF our Waterproof Cool Bags with code OUTDOORPICNIC (just enter this at checkout). 

To give you some ideas on how you can get outdoors, spend some quality time together and create an experience neither of you will forget, check out our recommendations below:

Male carrying Red Original Cool bag

Hot or Cold

Gone are the days of floppy sandwhiches and squashed bananas. We suggest heating things up! Picnics can be completely reinvented when hot food comes into play. The Red Original Cool bag, whilst initially keeps your food nice and chilled in the summer, can also come in handy for keeping food warm. A firm favourite is baked potatoes wrapped in tinfoil makes a superb hot lunch. When you open up the idea of a hot picnic the sky is the limit! Hot apple pie can add a real flair of sophistication if you’re looking to impress with a dessert. The Red Original Waterproof Cooler Bag will keep your food warm for a few hours for you to hike to your favourite winter spot.

A hot picnic has many perks, hot soups in our Insulated Water Bottle can stay hot for up to 12 hours. Warming things up is the ideal way to coax the indoor partner out of the warmth and into the wilds of winter!

Stay Local 

You don’t have to stray too far from home in order to find a great picnic spot. The portability of our cool bags allows you to stay local and discover what’s possible from your doorstep. The padded carry strap allows you to sling the bag over the shoulder and enjoy a saunter.

Picnic on Coastal path

Our Top Valentine Picnic Spots


We are blessed with easy access to some stunning woodlands and forests. A local woodland offers the ideal spot for a picnic. Sheltered from the wind and with many miles to explore you can easily while away your day.

Go Coastal

If you have access to a local beach or coastal path, stroll on a windswept beach or explore a little cove for a picnic provides an experience which will rival even the fanciest of restaurants.

A picnic in the park

Adventuring locally can be one of the most rewarding days spent outdoors, a picnic in your local park encapsulates the simple joys of being out in your local community. And sharing a day spent out of doors which is a pretty good way to spend your valentines day.

A Valentines Picnic  

So go on, go against the grain get outdoors and enjoy some quality time together. Reserve a spot of grass and not a table in a restaurant. Dress up in woolly hats and base layers and leave dinner jackets and stuffy shirts for another day. After all, time spent outdoors is time well spent.

Women with Dog sat outside a landrover

The Ultimate Cool Bag

Find out more about our fully water proof cool bag. Available in two sizes 18 and 30 litre. Alternatively you can find a shop near you to begin your romantic outdoor picnic.