It's Time' to stand up and paddle

Posted by Maxine Smiles -Cooke It's time to stand up. Stand up and paddle and explore your world with Red Paddle Co. Come with us as we take you on a SUP adventure to the beautiful island of Sardinia, join our amazing community of paddlers and see where a Red Paddle Co adventure could take you. Explore the new collection below

Multi-Person Paddle Boardsmultiple people on large paddle boards

Multi award-winning Ride paddle boardspeople paddling on their new Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs

Get closer to nature with our intrepid voyagersgroup of paddle boarders exploring the river

Inflatable SUP's for surfinginflatable SUP used in the surf

SUP and Sail with our Sport boardsImage of Red Paddle Co board and girl on yatch

Get involved with our giant inflatable SUPRed Paddle Co 2018 17'0

Find out what happened behind the scenes of the making of our new collection video and photoshoot...

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