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Making the Coolest Cool Bag

Posted by Luke Green

We were never interested in making a cool bag unless it was going to be a game-changer, and a game changer our Watertight Cool Bag absolutely is. Maybe you didn’t think you could have an ice cold drink at the very end of a long hot day on the water, or at the beach – but now you can.

The super insulating and hardwearing design means you can take a totally different approach to your food and drinks on not just days out, but overnight or even on weekend-long adventures, whether that is camping, a music festival or an epic paddling adventure.

The Best Cool Bag You'll Ever Own

But what goes in to our Cool Bag to ensure it keeps it's cool?

100% Watertight construction

No water is getting in, no water is getting out, meaning you can load your cool bag up with ice, and it will last for longer than you thought possible – potentially days. Surrounding your drinks with ice is a brilliant way to keep your drinks super cold for long periods. The airtight design through welded seams also cleverly contributes to the overall insulating effect as warm air is kept out.

Portable Design

Heavy ice chests or boxes don’t really do it for us – we needed something light and portable that we can take with us on our adventures. Although our cool bags have structure to them, they are made from soft and light materials, so even when fully loaded, even the large size can be carried around or attached to your board.

Thermal-Lock Insulation

Our Thermal - Lock Insulation is a special type of thick closed cell non-absorbent insulation, which will keep contents properly hot or cold.

Specialist YKK Aquaseal Zipper

Cheap cool bags use cheap zips. Our YKK zip is literally the best you can buy, and the best performing waterproof zip we found on our research. It won’t leak, corrode or fail. Tested to 0.5 millibar, guaranteed to 0.3 millibar, means that (just like our design team did) you can body surf with it if you want to and the contents will still stay bone-dry.

Sleek Style Features

Other people at the beach won’t just be coveting your ice-cold beer, the rugged good looks make sure your bag will get noticed. But this isn’t some pretty piece of kit you need to worry about getting scuffed up or looking dirty after a couple of uses, the tough but tactile Armour Tech fabric still looks great even after hard-wear. Even the reinforced base looks great with the Red Original embossed ‘stamp’.

Perfect for Paddling adventures

If you have cargo attachment points on your board, you can securely attach the Red Original Cool bag through the patent pending LTS (Luggage Tensioning System). Neat and unobtrusive, it quickly clips back on to your bag d-rings when not in use.

Surplus Storage

Fully load up with 2 external storage pockets and multiple webbing and d-ring attachment points.

We think it is the best cool bag you will ever own. No more compromising with sub-standard cool bags with flimsy ‘is-it-actually-doing-anything’ insulation and zips that jam, once you own a Red Original Cool Bag you will never look back.