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Meet Grace & Louie – Unpacking the Adventure Waterproof Backpack v2.0

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Mountain-loving, hiking, wild-camping, bushcrafting, super-outdoorsy couple Grace Kelly and Louie Seddon were among the first to use our new improved Adventure Waterproof Backpack v2.0, as co-stars of last December’s launch photoshoot up in the Lake District. 

We chatted to Grace and Louie about their love of all things outdoors – and our extraordinary life-proof rucksack, the upgraded Adventure Waterproof Backpack v2.0...

What draws you to spending so much time in the outdoors?

Grace – For me it’s my happy place – my headspace too... I usually like to adventure alone, so it’s ‘me time’, providing the peace and solitude that I crave and love. I can take my time and be as fast or as slow as I want when I’m solo: I love the freedom of that. I love being surrounded by mountains for the beauty of the views, but also their magnificence makes me feel small in a good way. It helps me put life into perspective when it’s needed.

Louie – I think it offers so many opportunities, from high intensity adventures to the tranquillity of being alone in a forest. I love being able to decompress from a week’s work and turn off my thoughts, just listening to the fire crackling. I see it as a vast space away from civilisation that allows me to be creative and hone my skills – a place where only the weather and I can decide the rules.

Could you tell us a little more about how you met?

Grace – My favourite story! I set off for a sunrise hike of Crib Goch around 6am with a mountain leader who I’d asked to guide me up there. Up on the top of the ridge we caught up to a group a little further ahead – and there was Louie. He caught my eye immediately as the golden sunrise light was shining right into his eyes, and I thought they were incredible! We chatted on and off the rest of the hike up to the summit as our groups kept zigzagging along the path. We then lost touch at the summit, but bumped into each other again at the end of the hike … and the rest is history!

Louie – I was minding my own business after a friend of mine had fallen on Crib Goch (nothing too serious, thankfully). So we were sat on the ridge waiting for the air ambulance. Luckily for him it turned up quickly – and luckily for me, so did Grace. Once my friend was helicoptered off to safety, I thought it would only be appropriate to make a new best friend, so I spent the rest of the hike talking with Grace. It was a great day – we love hiking Crib Goch now as it brings back happy memories.

What are your favourite outdoor activities to do alone and as a couple – and why?

Grace – My favourite is solo hiking as it’s so fun and liberating. I’ve done solo hikes all over the world and its where I most feel myself – I love the freedom and the sense of accomplishment when I do them. As a couple I love doing our wild camps as Louie is so skilled and always makes them so cosy. He finds a great spot and makes it special with a fire, his outdoor cooking, and usually a lovely glass of red wine.

Louie – I love bushcraft and my hours of forest dwelling alone, building shelters and cooking on an open flame. As a couple I like going to find new waterfalls and secret places as we always have a laugh. Then any time I visit those places again it reminds me of us.


Do you have any top tips for couples looking to upgrade their adventures outdoors together?

Grace – It’s a lovely way to do something a little bit different as a couple and will bond you in so many new ways. If you’re fairly new to outdoor adventures, you can start small: beautiful woodland walks, or lakeside paths, or going for a dip in a new waterfall, or taking out the paddleboards for a morning SUP. Then if you want to you can start ticking off mountains together. It’s all about those new experiences and it’s a fun date idea! I recommend capturing little photos and videos to look back on.

Louie – Make a mission of finding somewhere new, whether that be a secret waterfall or just a new place that neither of you have ever been before, that can be just yours. The lack of crowds makes it a lot more intimate than standard date ideas – and the fun that adventures can bring is endless.

What winter camping and hiking essentials would you pack in your new Adventure Waterproof Backpack?

Grace & Louie – For an overnight adventure we’d both pack: tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, inflatable pillow, thermal sleeping bag liner, a stove, a tasty camping meal and hot chocolate sachet, a headtorch, swimwear and our matching Red Towelling Robes – you never know when you’ll come across the perfect dip spot! Plus a warm hat and gloves (and handwarmers!) for when the cold comes in. We usually download a movie or audiobook on our phone in winter, as you spend a lot more time in your tent due to the longer darker hours.


Why is it important that you’ve found a partner who shares your passion for adventure?

Grace – As I spend so much of my time in the mountains or out on adventures, I need someone who shares that passion with me, or we’d never see each other! Also, it helps me to try new things and experience more challenging situations as I have someone there who I can trust to encourage me and make me feel safer to do things that I can’t do solo. It’s also important to me to have someone who shares my passion for solo adventures, as we both understand and appreciate the need for adventures apart as well as our wonderful times together.

Louie – I guess it means I don’t have to make sacrifices on where my time is spent – it’s not a decision between my passion and hobbies or putting time into my relationship as it means I can do both. 

What do you think of the new Adventure Waterproof Backpack?

Grace – I LOVE the new Adventure Waterproof Backpack – it’s super-lightweight and handy for a combined water and land adventure. I have a plan this spring to do an overnight SUP / wild camp, so that will be my first time really testing out the Adventure Waterproof Backpack with my paddleboard in a water environment. I can’t wait as I know it is super-waterproof!

Where’s your favourite spot for a hike and swim?

Grace –I have so many, but I do love Buttermere in the Lake District – Crummock Water was my first wild swim spot. I love the hike of Haystacks around to Fleetwith Pike as the views over Buttermere are just incredible, plus you can get the most amazing ice cream afterwards!

Louie – I love Beddgelert in North Wales. I tend to follow the Fisherman’s Path, which runs from Beddgelert towards Nantmor with some great dipping spots along the way – then afterwards I like to hike up into Beddgelert Forest to set up camp as it’s a fantastic spot to watch the sunset and sunrise.

Learn more about the upgraded Adventure Waterproof Backpack v2.0 and see Grace and Louie in action via our Look Book.