The Great Journey

Posted by Jess Davies

At the beginning of April, 3 friends set off from Spain with the aim of taking their SUP and kite surf gear with them on Motorbikes and travelling the length of Morocco in search for the best conditions and new places to explore. Here is a short description and a great of their epic journey.

Explore Your World!!

The Great Journey from bcnDRone on Vimeo.

Never has the sentence "IT'S NOT THE DESTINATION BUT THE JOURNEY" had so much meaning for us before. It seems cliche to say that but that's really how it is...

It was not only a kitesurf/SUP trip, it was a real adventure along the way.

What you see in the video is what we lived for 3 weeks. Probably the hardest trip we've done so far. The excess of weight was a real handicap during all the trip, specially during the desert part, not to say that non of us are professional motorbike pilots (Nuria learnt to ride a motorbike 10 days prior to departure). No external assistance, only the 3 of us.

The average time packing every morning was about 1'5h (kiteboarding gear, an inflatable stand up paddle, several cameras, camping gear... ).

More than 400GB of images captured, 5.000Km ridden and lots of memories and emotions that we tried to summarize in a bit less than 4 minutes.

Enjoy the ride, for us "the great journey".

Thanks Touratech, Core Kiteboarding, North Kiteboarding and Red Paddle for make it happen. Special thanks to Albert Ayerde and Ocean Vagaboond for taking such good care of us.

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