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What Is The Best Waterproof Bag For Me?

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Whether you’re exploring trails at the weekend, paddleboarding at sea, or cycling with the family, spending time outdoors is always improved by the company of a great bag that keeps your belongings safe and equipment ready to use. However, anybody who ever spends much time in the great outdoors will also know that you can’t always predict what will happen next and whichever bag you do take with you will need to keep your adventure supplies protected from exposure to the natural elements. This is where a waterproof bag can come in.

The best waterproof bag will not only keep your belongings dry when it’s raining but also give you peace of mind about exposure to sweat, mud and oil on a challenging hike or dropping something in the water when you’re exploring on your Red paddleboard. It’s an item of kit where quality really does matter, which is why our team have spent years carefully developing and curating the ultimate range of waterproof bags. Read on to discover the perfect waterproof bag for you from the Red range.

Adventure Waterproof Backpack

Perfect for: hiking, swimming, commuting and all-round adventurers!

Having quickly earned a reputation as a bit of a Swiss army knife, the Red Adventure Waterproof Backpack is the best waterproof bag for pretty much anything and everywhere! Super comfy, super sleek and super spacious, this 30-litre backpack has been designed with complete functionality and total durability in mind. And while the design may look classic, the backpack itself is at the forefront of innovation with a 100% waterproof construction that includes a completely impermeable Armour Tech fabric as well as a clever waterproof roll-top closure for added peace of mind if you get caught off-guard in wet conditions. Whether you’re commuting to work and find yourself walking in the rain or want the ultimate adventure companion on your next hike, you can be sure that this is the best waterproof back for you and will be able to handle anything that you (or the elements) might throw at it. 

Waterproof Cool Bag Backpack

Perfect for: camping, picnics and family days out

Camping trips, long walks and family picnics are all great ways to spend time with loved ones in the great outdoors, but finding suitable ways to pack everything you need on these outings can be tricky. No matter the weather or location, you want to be able to enjoy your food and drink when the time comes and the Red Waterproof Cool Bag Backpack allows you to do exactly that. Say goodbye to battling with poorly insulated and uncomfortable-to-carry cool bags, this one is fully waterproof and still comfortable to wear and travel with thanks to an advanced and airtight construction. Simply pop this epic waterproof bag on your back, pack your favourite snacks, and get exploring.

Waterproof SUP Deck Bag

Perfect for: paddleboarding

A reliable waterproof bag is an essential paddleboarding accessory. Occasions where you might paddle without any belongings at all are incredibly rare, and even if you are travelling light it’s vital that you have somewhere or something on your SUP to store your valuable items. With this in mind, the Red SUP Deck Bag is the best waterproof bag for paddleboarding. This clever and waterproof bit of kit has been designed by our expert team to slot seamlessly onto the deck of your board, offering easy pocket access and even easier carrying with a fuss-free grab handle. The use of 100% waterproof and an AQUASEAL zipper guarantees that your items will always stay dry, allowing you to relax and enjoy the paddling experience no matter where you are. 

Waterproof Kit Bag

Perfect for: travelling, camping and changing

By now, it should come as no surprise to learn that our Waterproof Kit Bag is completely waterproof from top to tail. Featuring a sealed coil zip and welded seams for added weatherproofing, this bit of kit is a beast and its generous size options (40-litre or 60-litre) make it the best waterproof bag for swimmers or anyone wanting to travel and large amounts of outdoor kit and not worry about getting wet. In fact, every aspect of the Waterproof Kit Bag has been designed to make life on the go as easy as possible. As well as a special wet kit storage pocket, cleverly tucked inside the bag is a removable changing mat that will transform those awkward campsite or car park changing moments. 

Waterproof Dry Pouch

Perfect for: keeping valuables safe on the go

Great if you’re travelling light or want to safely stow your valuables away inside a bigger bag, the Waterproof Dry Pouch is the best waterproof bag for anybody who takes their phone, wallet and keys on even the toughest adventures. This small but mighty pouch is totally watertight and leak-proof while also offering impressive durability and protection against drops and scrapes thanks to a high-density TPU fabric construction. The reassurance that the bag’s contents will stay dry even if submerged makes this waterproof bag a popular choice for paddleboarding or kayaking. However, its unique easy attach system also makes it a truly multifunctional choice perfect for attaching to handlebars or bag straps. 

If you require any more information about any of our waterproof bags or would like some additional advice to determine the best waterproof bag for you, simply get in touch with the expert Red team!