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2020 Christmas Gift Ideas For Outdoor Lovers By Red Original

Posted by Luke Green


Christmas is soon around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking about all the gifts you will have to purchase this year for all of your loved ones. This time we will be focusing on Christmas gifts for outdoor lovers...

1. Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Cup

2021 is the time to ditch the disposable coffee cups and replace them with a Red Original insulated travel cup! Featuring an anti-spill lid with a mouthpiece and a straw hole, our insulated travel cup gives you the flexibility to enjoy your beverage of choice the way you want to whilst on the move.

Made from 316L marine-grade stainless steel and 100% BPA Free, the Travel Cup's double-walled construction ensures hot drinks stay hot for 4 hours and cold drinks remain cold for 8 hours. Affordable, eco-friendly, and convenient, the vacuum insulated travel mug is a great gift idea for outdoor lovers.

2. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you like how the travel cup sounds but don't think 4 hours hot or 8 hours cold is going to be enough, then you'll want to check out the Red Original water bottle. Capable of keeping drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24, these double-wall insulated stainless steel bottles can be easily attached to paddleboards, bags, harnesses, webbing, and so on using a good old carabiner. This makes the bottle easy to carry while leaving hands completely free, which is what makes it the perfect Christmas gift idea for outdoor lovers (particularly hikers, climbers, and paddle boarders).

3. Armour Tech Waterproof Pouch

Next up is the waterproof pouch. When heading out onto the water one of the biggest concerns is what to do with your personal belongings. Keep all those essential items close to hand without the fear of them getting lost, damaged or stolen.

If you want a high level of protection for your valuables, our 100% waterproof pouch is the perfect solution. Big enough to store your keys, wallet and phone (should you need to call for help or more likely, capture that unbelievable photo) but small enough to not get in the way of your adventure. The removable padded internal pocket means your phone is protected against any knocks and scrapes and our incredibly durable, hard-wearing Armour Tech material combined with the YKK Aquaseal zip ensures that no water will get inside.

4. Long-Sleeve Performance Top

Available in 5 sizes, these technical performance long sleeve top will ensure you look great whether you are on or off the water. Featuring special dri-release technology, they're designed to make sure wearers remain dry and comfortable while taking part in strenuous activities and also help to regulate body temperature. Super-soft and hard-working, the moisture-wicking material used to make Red Original performance tops are sure to perform whether you are facing the elements on the water, heading out for a brisk walk, or hitting the gym.

Perfect for outdoor adventurers looking to tick off loads of adrenaline-pumping activities in 2021, our performance tops are available for both men and women. We also offer short-sleeved versions of our performance tops, which can either be worn as an underlayer or a stand-alone short-sleeved tee. Like the long-sleeved variants, they're also available in 5 men's sizes and 5 women's sizes. If you're not sure which size of either top would be the best fit, check out our technical clothing sizing guide.

5. Waterproof Changing Robes

No list of Red Original Christmas gift ideas for outdoor lovers would be complete without mentioning our waterproof changing robes. Designed to keep wearers dry, warm, and covered in the face of heavy wind and rain, they're perfectly suited to a wide range of outdoor activities and watersports. Their size, shape and unique stretch panels allow wearers to put on and take off a wetsuit while still remaining fully covered, making it ideal for getting changed on the beach or by the car.

One of our best-selling product ranges, our waterproof changing robes are available in 2 colours, navy blue and grey, and come with either long or short sleeves. Sizing for our changing robes is purely based on height, rather than build, as they are designed to be oversized with plenty of room to get changed in and out of sports kit.

Medium: Recommended for 5’1"-5'11" (155cm - 180cm) Chest Size 1500mm - 59inch 

Large: Recommended for 5'11" - 6'5" (180cm - 196cm) Chest Size 1700mm - 67inch 

To find out more, check out our range of Women's Pro Change Robes and Men's Pro Change Robes. We even have a Kids Short-Sleeve Pro Change Robe that comes with plenty of room to grow into.

6. Luxury Towelling Robes

The final Christmas gift idea we'd like to recommend is a Luxury Towelling Robe. Available in sizes for men, women, and children, these are quite similar to the hooded Pro Change Robes above, however, they're not waterproof and offer less protection from the elements. That said, they are available at a far lower price and are made from heavyweight 430 gsm 100% cotton, so they feel luxuriously soft and are incredibly absorbent.

Designed to keep you warm and covered whilst changing or getting dry, these towelling robes are the perfect addition for any outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time enjoying the water. Oversized so there is plenty of space inside to get comfortably changed in whilst protecting your modesty, they have large pockets for keeping your handy warm and a drawcord hood to help shield you from the wind.

Our Luxury Towelling Robes come in 3 sizes and, like our Pro Change Robes, sizing is based purely off the height and not build.

• Small / Kids: Recommended for 4”- 5’1” (122cm - 155cm)

• Medium: Recommended for 5’1"-5'11" (155cm - 180cm) Chest Width 750mm - 29.5inch

• Large: Recommended for 5'11" - 6'5" (180cm - 196cm) Chest Width 850mm - 33.5inch

For tonnes more outdoor Christmas gift ideas for him and gift ideas for her, check out the Red Original website.