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Which Red Paddleboard Should You Upgrade To In 2024?

Posted by Alex Clasper

While it doesn’t really matter which kind of paddleboard you use when you’re first getting started, it doesn’t take too long to outgrow a starter setup and a new SUP will definitely be on the cards if you’re looking to take your paddleboarding to the next level this year. However, choosing your upgrade requires careful consideration. You’ll need to think about where and how you might be using it to ensure that you pick a board and specification that will genuinely help you to have even bigger and better experiences on the water. 

As the world’s leading paddleboarding brand, we’re delighted to offer a range of high-performing and high-quality paddleboards that are perfect for anybody wanting to upgrade their adventure. Our range of paddleboards is always upgrading too, and to celebrate the latest additions to the Red paddleboard family, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect options to consider for your next SUP. We’ve got the perfect board for everyone, so let’s dive right into it. 

Best for… All-round use

If it’s the overall charm of spending time on the water that has you turning paddleboarding into a more serious hobby, an all-round board is the perfect choice. Our award-winning Ride range is the ultimate upgrade where all-round performance is concerned, coupling the durability of our high-density MSL technology with a rounded and stable design perfect for easy paddling. We’ve just added a new Ride board to the range too - the 10’2” Ride MSL Inflatable Paddle Board. This one continues the versatility of our most popular range in a narrower design which offers increased agility and the perfect excuse to get a bit more wave-hungry next time you hit the water.

Best for… Long distance paddling

Basic inflatable paddleboards are great for getting to grips with your paddling technique, but once confidence is high and long-distance paddling comes into question, a basic board leaves a lot to be desired. The new additions to our Sport+ range are the perfect Red paddleboard upgrade for anybody looking to cruise effortlessly over longer distances. Using our new MSL800 material, the 12’6” Sport+ and 14’0” Sport+ are lighter but more rigid than ever before. The narrow design of the former cuts effortlessly through the water, while the slightly longer 14’0” design provides unrivalled stability. 

Best for… Speed

If you fancy yourself as a budding SUP racer, there’s only really one Red paddleboard you should consider as your next upgrade. The Red Elite MSL inflatable paddleboard is a speed machine, built entirely for those who like to win with a narrow and minimal resistance design. Just like the Sport+ range, our new Elite models are built using our exceptionally light MSL800 material. The 12’6”” Elite is just 25” wide but uses a square-tailed planshape extending volume into the rear for exceptional stability around bends. The larger 14’0” model more than holds its own against hardboards. In fact, it’s our fastest and stiffest board yet. 

Best for… Thrillseekers

And if it’s a real adventure you’re looking for this year, it’s the 9’6” Wild you’re looking for. This Red paddleboard was designed off the back of real conversations with real white water paddlers, allowing us to create something totally unique and totally high performance. Much shorter than an all-round board, this SUP offers control and agility in full-on rapids. Where width is concerned, 34” inches provide the stability needed to navigate enthralling but breathtaking rapids conditions. One of the biggest upgrades in this Red paddleboard is the raised areas of the deckpad which help you feel more grounded and aware of your footing. The result is a board that is exceptionally easy to use, even in conditions you would never describe as easy. 

If you’d like any more information about our new range of Red paddleboards or wish to find out which is the right upgrade for your plans in 2024, make sure to get in touch with our expert team.