Kids Waterproof Changing Robes.

Help your kids develop a lifelong love of the outdoors with a Kids Waterproof Changing Robe. Crafted with fully waterproof outer shells and handy adjustable toggle hoods, these waterproof changing robes will be your child’s ultimate friend as they get comfortable with the water.

Whether you are heading off on holiday or have children that love the water all year round, a Kids Waterproof Changing Robe is the ultimate swimming companion. All of Red’s kids-sized changing robes are perfect for keeping little ones comfortable and dry when in and out of the water and the technical 8k/3k fabric provides complete waterproofing to help your children enjoy their swimming no matter the weather.
A Kids Waterproof Changing robe is perfect for the transition out of summer and ours are made with both fun and functionality in mind. Children will stand out on the shore with brightly coloured designs and benefit from supersoft lining for cosiness in all conditions. Handy toggle hoods across the range will withstand the test of the elements, so whether you love paddleboarding as a family or swimming in the sea, there’s no need for wet weather to stop your kids from embracing the great outdoors.